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Gunkar Textile - Human Resources

Work Method of Department of Human Resources

Mission of the department of human resources, once called “employment management”, is to develop and manage the programs (recruitment methods, salaries, collateral income, human resources policies, etc.) that are designed to increase the efficiency of companies.

The Human Resources badge has become a norm here at Gunkar Textile. Human Resources Department constitutes a wider scope and strategical role then the personnel that is identified only with recruitment in our organization process.

Functions Managed by Human Resources;

1 – Recruitment Process: Functions of creating short lists from application forms that have required qualities for the vacant position, organizing interviews with candidates, tests, reference checks, and employment of all other instruments that are used to decide who is going to be employed and who is not, are managed by Human Resources.

2 – Roles and Job Definitions: Human Resources determines roles and job definitions. Accordingly, it observes the ongoing development of the organization and assesses its effects on the job definitions. Roles and job definitions determine liabilities, tasks, share levels of the positions, and who is going to be reported and who is not. Depending on the additional liabilities and changes, roles and job definitions may change in time. Human Resources is always prepared for discreetly proceeding changes.

3 – Payments: The company has accurately defined management procedures and assessment instruments determined by Human Resources in order to compete in the marketplace and determine how it is going to pay its employees to maintain an equitable salary allocation within its structure. While payment policies are determined in a way to support the competition capacity of the organization on the basis of companies, salary levels of the employees determined by considering their authorities, liabilities and performance.

4 – Collateral Income: Human Resources guarantees its employees, their travel expenses, disease leaves, vacations, disability insurance and more through collateral income programs it develop and manage; inform them about their legal collateral income rights.

5 – Legal Compliance: Gunkar Textile adopts the principle of Legal Compliance. All legal transactions that are required by Labor Law No.4857, Social Insurances Law No.5510 and General Health Insurance Law, are executed completely. Human Resources specialists are experts on labor and employee codes (salary and hours codes, collective bargaining, equality of opportunities, discrimination, disabilities, medical rights, collateral income, etc.). It continuously follows new and then-current laws and acts accordingly. Human Resources co-operates with employees and directors to ensure that decisions taken and activities executed by the organization are within legal limits.

6 – Labor Safety and Health: One of the critical liabilities of the Human Resources Management is labor safety and health. Employees, who work labor intensive in the factory section of our company, as well as those, who work in the administrative offices may have various health problems. For instance, most of the office employees struggle with stress related diseases. Human Resources Management eliminates such problems with labor safety and health implementations.

7 – Performance Management: Human Resources develops policies and systems, which focus on the goal of management and assessment of the performance of the employees.

8 – Training Plans: It is utilized to define training courses and development plans, which are organized to reach certain skills and qualifications. Human Resources Management has fast training/development procedures, through which they could obtain results rapidly.

Implementations Utilized by Human Resources to Solve Inter-Office Problems;

1.            Revealing any issue that may cause any negativity and solving it.
2.            Empathizing.
3.            Not taking rumors and criticisms personally.

Preventing Problems Inter-Organization with Corporate Trainings.


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