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Günkar Corporation has started it's textile productions in a small workshop in the year of 1979 and it has developed itself within a short period of time and today it has become an industry giant selling products to four corners of the world and being active in tourism and food sectors other than textiles and providing employments to 1700 persons. Günkar Group has set it's sight on continuous technological development and to maintain it's production quality on high level and it has become fully expertised in knitted outerwears between the years of 1979 and 1990 and starting from the year of 1990, it has started productions for the leading brands of America and in the result of this, the Company has taken it's first step in the export of the products it has produced.

In the year of 2000, Günkar Group has entered in swimwear sector and in the result of this, it has launched it's Sunset Brand for the market and consequently, it has taken it's own place in  "Branded Swimwear'' segment as well. By working with the world celebrities such as Naomi Campbell and Esther Canadas, Sunset Brand has become a well-known brand in a short period of time not only in Turkey but in many countries of the world. Today, Günkar Group carries on it's activities by selling rich and wide swimwear collections with it's Sunset Brand by particularly emphasizing  'Made in Turkey' together with it's productions of knitted outerwears and swimwears for many famous brands.
Günkar Group implements contract productions to world-famous brands and some of these are;

1-Italy : Champion, Dolge Gabbana, Armani, Max mara, Patrizia Pepe, Marina Rinaldi,
                 Replay and Lotto
2-Denmark: Knowledge Cotton (Organic Cotton Production)
3-Germany : Hesnature (Organic Cotton Production), Neckerman, Quelle
4-England : River Island, Evans, Landsdale, Elle, Peruna, Moonson and Next
5-Ireland : Dunnes Stores and A-Wear
6-Israel : Gottex
7-France : Kenzo
8-Spain : El Corte

From the yarn up to the delivery, the Company continues it's activities in it's factories taking place in Istanbul and Adıyaman by having the possessions of the entire facilities containing the entire stages of the production starting from knitting and including dyeing, washing, printing, embroidery, cutting, sewing, ironing  and finally packagings of the finished products. The factory of Istanbul consists of 35,000 m² of closed area and it has daily production capacity of 8 tons by containing the dyeing plant with 17 cauldrons and 6 digital printing machines with the production capacity of 600 meters, 7 units of mhm piece printing with 25,000 pieces production, 10 pieces of  embroidery machines having the production of 7000 pieces, paper transfer of with the production of 1000 pieces capacity ,2 pieces of folio printing press with the capacity of 5,000 pieces and monti paper transfer machine having the production of 800 meters.

In swimwear production, Günkar Group works with the fabrics and accessories completely imported from Italy, Spain and France and the Company has the daily production capacity of  7500 swimwears and 20,000 pieces of knitted outerwears.

With it's Design Studio, taking place within it's structure, the Company provides rich and creative collections in the areas of knitted outerwear and swimwear and gives it's services both for it's own brands also to the brands of the world for which it implements contract productions.

Alongside of Sunset Brands,  Günkar Group presents the collections of home apparels, nightgowns and pijamas with it's Fıonco Brand and it has set it's seal on Turkish Market for the apperal sector of ladies and children.

Board of Directors of Günkar Corporation and the entire personnel of the Company have acquired the best timing, the highest quality and the fastest customer service philosophy and ever since the day of it's establishment, it has grown with this philosophy. Günkar Group continues to develope new projects with it's organized and planned team who looks to the future with confidence together with it's integrated human resources policies.
The Management of Günkar is fully aware of the requirements needed to be an assertive player in the global market and it has concentrated itself to the aim growing by expanding to new countries and to add new customers to the portfolio of the Company and proceeds on it's way. 5 successful brothers have chairs in the Board of Directors of the Company and they actively assume various duties in the Company and the Chairman of the Board of Directors is Mr Kemalettın Güneş.